100 Deaths

He was 27 years old. He had a full life ahead of him. But he had a challenge, he had a bag full of fears in his mind. Often, his fears paralysed him, he would stop acting. He would go into a shell. He would suffer. He would scratch his head in mental agony. With every fear that he lived with, it actually killed him. In his single life, he did not die once, he died a 100 deaths, each fear dealing a mortal blow to his peaceful existence.

You live once they say. That's not your choice though. But you can choose how many times you wish to die ! You can die every single day. Or you can even die a 100 times a day. But those blessed with courage die rarely, not time and again. Their mind has chosen positivity, hope, and virtue. Through this they avoid dying regularly, they avoid this regular pain.

A fear is only a seed in the mind. You can destroy this seed, by not fertilizing it. Do not give it the necessary soil, water, and sunlight to grow. The seed will die its natural death. New seeds keep entering your mind everyday. It's in your control to channelise them in the right direction. However with the wrong direction of your thoughts, this evil seed will grow into a full blooded evil tree with poisonous fruits. You will die again and again.

We need to conquer our fears. When we are sitting on the beach, there are 2 thoughts we can have. In the 1st type of thought, we enjoy the sound of the sea waves, and see their majestic formation. It's beautiful for both the ears as well as the eyes. In the 2nd thought, we fear that there is a big earthquake which has struck in the ocean, and a tsunami will hit the beach soon. We suddenly feel paralysed with fear. With this fear, we feel as if death has hit us. We have died 1 more death.

So, the last death that you die is not in your hands, your destiny will control it. It's your physical death. But in your living life, the mental deaths you die, you can fully control. When you say you have died a 100 deaths, it's a century you will not be proud of. To die while living is a weakness, and to live while dying is total mastery.

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