This is a story of 3 birds. 3 birds with different colours. The 1st bird was black. The 2nd being half white, half black. The 3rd was white.

Each of these 3 birds flew at different altitudes. The 1st black one flew just above the ground, the 2nd flew somewhere in the middle of the sky, and the 3rd one flew so high it seemed it was flirting with space.

The 1st one when it flew close to the ground observed humanity at close view, and it could sense human tension prevailing in the perceived harmony. The 2nd one when it flew could see below the 1st bird, and was pleased at its height not only in altitude but also character. But it was secretly jealous of the 3rd one flying high. The cause of jealousy being that the 3rd one had a direct view of heaven, near the edge of space.

Now let's reveal the names of these 3 birds. The 1st one was EGO, the 2nd one was LOVE, the 3rd one was FREEDOM.

EGO could not attain height in life, it only thought how it was superior to humans and could fly above them. This pride prevented it from looking higher. LOVE was flying so beautifully in the middle of the sky. All of humanity marveled at LOVE's lofty position. When LOVE flew it seemed as if the whole of humanity came to a stop to see this splendid sight. But the flight of LOVE was encased in the capsule of time. It proved that LOVE was living in a transient phase between 2 potentialities - the potential to fly lower, and become a friend of EGO, or to permanently liberate itself and get FREEDOM.

The lowest state of LOVE is hampered by EGO. In this state LOVE is insecure. To protect its EGO, it seeks ownership, mastery. LOVE over here becomes possessive.

The highest state of LOVE is FREEDOM. In this state, LOVE becomes universal, not personal. It becomes like the universe, a giver. In this state LOVE owns nothing, and bows to nothing. It is free, it gives freely.

These 3 birds trace the history of humanity. Born in the natural state of LOVE, and having the choice to fall towards EGO or rise towards FREEDOM. In LOVE, we feel beautiful but the currents in the middle air are strong and can be dangerous. If not navigated carefully, we could crash towards the earth. But with skill, we can use these currents, and reach the limits of outer space and become free.