3 Messages Of Christmas

Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. It is called so, because it is also "Christ's Mass". It is celebrated by a midnight mass by Christians all over the world.

The life and message of Jesus Christ has 3 simple messages in human values for the whole of humanity. They are :

* Unconditional Love - Jesus Christ said "love your enemies". In other words, he meant love the whole of humanity. This love is not based on any expectation of return. An enemy cannot give you anything in return. Hence, this is unconditional love - the highest form of love.

* Humility - Jesus Christ in his divine position exhibited very simple, modest, humble qualities. He suffered great hardships to spread his message. He was not a king who commanded great wealth, instead he spread passionately his mission through selfless service. In worship, he taught his followers to bow to God. His life, and message is a shining example of humility.

* Forgiveness - The final act of Jesus on the cross put a firm stamp on his divinity. He prayed to God to forgive his enemies who had put him on the cross to kill him, because they did not know what they were doing. There can be no forgiveness greater than this.

These 3 simple messages reflect 3 human values. In our daily lives, we have a choice to press the positive button of these human values. When you do so, you will feel inner peace, which in a way is a mini-reflection of the total inner peace of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas !

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