A democracy is a government elected freely by the people. It is elected by vote, & hence different from authoritarian regimes.

Democracy is a beautiful institution as it allows the flourishing of different views, opinions, religions, cultures, lifestyles, etc. Democracy does not impose as it allows the free will of the people to manifest itself through democratic institutions.

Democracy in a nutshell has 7 main pillars :

# FREEDOM OF VOICE : the ability to voice free opinions without threat to one’s security, family, or property

# JUSTICE : the provision of fair, & quick justice

# ELECTIONS : the taking place of free, & fair elections to elect a government

# FREEDOM OF CHOICE : the ability of people to make their individual choices regarding their lifestyle

# PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS : the protection of human, & civil rights, & liberties

# NEUTRAL MEDIA : the presence of a neutral media to report fairly on events happening in the country

# LACK OF FEAR - apparent lack of fear in day to day lives due to protection of democratic institutions

Democracy had its birth in USA. But today India boasts itself as being the world’s largest democracy. In its more than 70 years of independence, the pillar of formal democracy was forcibly put under emergency for only 2 years. This rich democratic heritage needs to be preserved where people feel free, & happy to lead a life with their voice & choice.

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