A legacy is what you leave behind. There are many types of legacies - financial, emotional, intellectual, spiritual. It's the sum total of all the physical assets, knowledge, and memories you have left behind.

Each of us may have a different view of the type of legacy they may want to leave behind.

A probable list could have the following 7 popular legacies :

* wealth for family

* wisdom for others

* will for clarity of distribution of one's assets

* charity to the poor

* joyful memories of pure fun

* words of love, and kindness

* a lesson of your life for humanity

We need to be remembered. It happens through our legacy. But not wanting a legacy is the selfless destruction of ego. In reality, it's those moments of your egolessness which will turn out to be the best legacy not only for you in the next world, but also for those people you left behind.