Religion is the opium of the masses. It gives them mental strength, it gives a high.

Religion often is a set of rituals. Rituals which manifest through the body. If you remove the soul out of rituals, it becomes a mechanical machine movement.

Religion needs a soul. Search for the soul of your religion. You can follow any of the prescribed religions or a set of beliefs which make up your own religion.

To be productive intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, there are 7 guidelines which could be kept in mind when deciding on your religion :

* love - does it preach love ?

* helping - does it believing in helping others ?

* forgiveness - does it believe in forgiving others easily ?

* humility - does it make you more humble ?

* gratitude - do you feel grateful ?

* patience - does it make you more calm, and patient ?

* detachment - are you able to detach from your ego, the source of attachments ?

Evaluate the religion you are following. Search for the soul through these 7 guidelines. Your search needs a "yes" answer to the 7 guidelines. It is a worthy search because it is a question of your humanity, the direction of your destiny, and the answer to your salvation.

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