A Life Without Meaning

He was born 37 years ago. He asked his parents what was the meaning of his birth, what was the cause ? Obviously, his parents had no answer. His birth had no meaning. Rather, the meaning of his birth was a secret. When the meaning of his birth was hidden, how can the meaning of his life be revealed ? His life appeared meaningless. He did not understand his surroundings, he did not understand himself, his life was searching for a meaning.

We all want to have some meaning in our lives. We want some achievement, or some service, or some values, to be the core of our meaning. We want to associate with something where our life will have meaning, our legacy preserved. Meaning is important, it gives us our self-worth, self-respect.

There are 2 types of meaning - meaning for others, meaning for ourself. When we try to show to others we have meaning, we diminish our ability to increase meaning for ourself. Both are inversely co-related. Meaning for ourself is realised through contentment, satisfaction, and inner joy. It comes through good human interactions, relationships, and human values. It comes naturally. It's not an effort. It's not an attempt to be good to others. It's the only way you can think. It's what you basically are. Being your natural good self is the only meaning, as besides this, your life is without a meaning.

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