A mother is only one. She is not another. She is the only one. A father does not give birth to a baby. But nature has given this special distinction to a mother. Mankind lives on and on because of mothers. Nature has given a signal as to the special distinction a mother has been given. It's a very powerful signal. The signal carries a deep message. A message to give love, respect and obedience to your mother.

The care of a mother is like no other. Sometimes the care maybe translated gently and sometimes in a more tough way. But never mistake the mannerisms - the clothing is always of care.

A mother protects her children like no other. She can't bear to see any hurt, or harm to them. Children come 1st for a mother.

A mother's greatest pride is her children. She blushes with pride when her children shine in one way or another.

Sometimes mothers get cranky, or a bit mean sometimes. Overlook these minor weaknesses. She is actually upset over something else. Overlook these imperfections, admire the perfection in her heart. In it resides only pure love for you. A mother is not another.