It often seems we don't have the will, and heart to tackle challenges. We always want calmness, peace, and smoothness. In fact, if anyone could record and tabulate which prayer is the most common prayer humanity prays for - it is to have a smooth life. We fear risks, we fear failure, we fear loss, hence we want a smooth sailing all the time.

But a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

The greatness of men is seen how they react under pressure. When the odds are down, the tables are turned, we need to measure their actions and reactions. The art of handling pressure/stress with grace is not seen often. But let us not mistake this grace for lack of action. In fact, under pressure we need to raise our game. We need to operate at a higher gear, the 6th gear. Because now it is survival of the fittest. It is do or die. We can't back away, and withdraw. We fight the battle with courage. While fighting, we are mentally prepared to lose, but our actions reflect our hunger to win. We hone our fighting skills only if we wear the robe of a warrior, a warrior who fights the battles of his life with grace, and pace and sharpens his fighting skills.

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor !

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