An action is intended to produce a reaction. A feedback is needed. Otherwise, it is an action on deaf ears or a strong wall. Actions become powerless without reactions.

When your actions are ignored, you have 2 choices - continue with your actions, or move ahead. When you continue with your actions inspite of everyone continuously ignoring you, you are sacrificing your self-respect to try and make your point. Move away from people who don't value you. Your self-respect matters more. Act where you are valued. Act where people acknowledge and react.

Often not getting a reaction is not your fault. It is indifference, and lack of compassion of others. Don't feel dejected. You maintain your humanity. Let others be less human, it's their accountability.

When someone insults you, drop your ego, and don't react. Don't trade an insult with an insult. An insult is powerless without a reaction. It has no meaning. Actions become powerless without reactions.