We admire great leaders. They are strong, powerful, and inspirational. Some of them emit great love, specially spiritual leaders. It's natural to admire strength, leadership, and success. Because this same admiration in its negative form turns to jealousy. We can only be jealous of the strong, but we can never feel jealous of the weak. They have nothing to feel jealous of because in reality there is nothing we can admire of them. They are weak. They are pitied, they are shown sympathy, but they are never admired.

Let's pause for a moment. You are sitting in the air-conditioned comfort of your car. A lady beggar carrying a young child comes at your window begging for alms. If you are the generous type, or the caring type, you will roll down the window and give her a little money. You have given this money out of pity looking at the suffering of the poor woman. We give awards to so many people who achieve something. But this young lady showed she was a stronger fighter than any achiever. She showed how much she cared for her young baby, and how she would do anything it takes so that her family is able to eat 2 square meals. It is a story of deep determination, and courage. This story does not need pity. It needs an award, and if this cannot be given, then at least show genuine admiration from the heart. Admire the weak.

The weak fight greater battles than the strong. The strong has his strength to tackle life. The weak have their weakness. Inspite of the liability of their weakness, they fight through the daily war of life. If ever the strong were put in that position, they would become faint hearted and give up. The weak have stronger hearts, and iron wills to fight the odds of daily living. They seem ordinary from outside but are extra-ordinary from the inside. Admire the weak.

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