Look at 18. Invert it - it is now 81. At 18, you can drink and drive. At 81, you may not be allowed to drink nor drive. But at 18, you are starting life, at 81, you are ending life. At 18, you could be worried and tense at the life ahead. At 81, you could be looking back at life with pleasant memories and ready to embrace the number. The age does not number. The perspective matters. Age is just a number.

Each stage in life is unique. It offers excitement as well as challenges. It is a battle between the body, and the soul. The body pulls towards the materialistic, the soul towards spiritual. To draw a fine balance, is an art. It's not about age, it's about depth. Age is just a number.

If you are young, you may draw inspiration from the old. You may seek their support, and guidance. If you are old, you may be attracted to the energy of the youth. Age is not about matching it with a similar age. It is about seeking joy with whichever age. Age becomes irrelevant. Age is just a number.

The young could be wise. The old could be reckless. The young could be serious. The old could be fun-loving. Age is just a number.

In your next birthday cake don't write the years, instead just write "Happy Birthday - age is just a number".

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