Life was tough. My Dad had passed away 3 years back at the young age of 45. My mother was a simple housewife with meagre education. I was about to graduate. I had 2 younger sisters in school. I came from a middle class family, my father was on a salaried job. It was getting tough to make ends meet for my family. But I was a fighter. I had an inbuilt positivity. The external difficulties could not overpower my willpower. It did not matter even though I was all by myself.

Life is a fight for all of us in some way or the other. Sometimes we seek to prove something to others, at other times it is for our own self esteem. At times our finances stress us, and at other times our health is playing with our mind. You may have a most loving family, and tons of friends. All they can do is console you a bit, help you a bit, or put an arm around your shoulder. In every fight of your life, don't rely on others. You were born alone, and you will fight each battle by yourself. When you realize that all your so-called support systems can never give you any real support except for a few loving words, you imbibe the spirit of a warrior who fights his every battle with his skills, and ability all by himself. When he does this he does not regret his solitude and never says "Oh no ! I am all by myself".

When your lover left you, you were never left alone. You carried the memories. But love itself is an act of solitariness. When 2 lovers feel totally connected, they feel oneness. They feel an extra being has become attached to them. But this extra being is still only external to them. The only difference being that it is so close it creates an illusion of unity, and togetherness. Love is simply an act of your singleness expressing itself outside. When it expresses outside, it seeks to spread its fragrance to others. But in this act of expression, every lover is simply alone. He says, "I am all by myself".