An Easy Death

Death is a mystery. It's time is a mystery. It's cause is a mystery. It's thereafter is a mystery too. A mystery has no clarity. It's a dark hole. You become blind. You can't see a thing. Is blindness easy ? Is it pleasant ? If blindness is so difficult to deal with, then can it be easy to embrace the mystery of death ?

Death is a tough reality, for all, the one dying and those around who have to deal with. Tough exams are made easy for students when they work hard and prepare well. Tough situations in life are handled with ease through patience, and perseverance. The pain of being hurt and insulated can be handled with relative ease by the emotional masters. So, if so many tough things can be made easy, can the master of them all, death, also be handled with skillful mastery and also made more easy ?

An easy death is the stuff of dreams. We dream of it with hope. An easy death must not mean a quick death, or a painless death because that is measuring ease at a physical level. No man has lived again to tell the story how painful or painless his death was. So, physical gauging of pain is not the right indicator. When we talk of ease, we talk of mental ease. We talk how ready we are to embrace this new uncertain reality. Uncertainty always has fear. It is only the brave who can deal with this uncertainty with relatively less pain, and more ease.

An easy death needs the following mental, and spiritual conditioning :

* egolessness - a state where you have nothing to protect

* human values - a life of human values ensures the positive karma can conquer the fear of uncertainty

* humanity - your life should be based on the foundation of your humanity, not material lust

* ownership - a thinking where you truly believe you own nothing, so mixing back to nothing does not scare you

* faith - faith in karmic justice of a good life you have led through good deeds, not through religion, but spirituality

* preparedness - ready to accept the reality of death at anytime, never taking your next breath for granted

* programming - programming your mind to enjoy and absorb the experience of death, an experience you will never feel again

These are 7 guidelines for an easy death. It is every human being's wish. But for this wish to be fulfilled, only time will reveal the truth. The wait is long. And the preparation cannot wait for even a second more. Every minute used for spiritual elevation makes the scary feeling of death appear more easy. The spirit, the soul needs to experience its peacefulness right on this earth. It can never come later. When you find a way to enjoy your inner tranquility while you are alive, you have laid a strong, and sure foundation for your easy death.

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