An emotion is a feeling. The feeling is outward. You can feel the feeling. But an emotion is also a message. Every emotion carries 2 messages, the 1st for the person to whom it is conveyed and the 2nd for himself. The 2 messages can be called as external message, and internal message.

When an emotion is portrayed, the external message to the other person is conveyed immediately. There can be no taking back after it is conveyed. When you convey negative emotions, you have spread negativity. Hence, the need to be sensitive to the message you are conveying. An emotion is a responsibility. Because it carries an external message.

More importantly, an emotion is an internal message too. If you are feeling positive, you will start portraying positive emotions. There will be more love, helpfulness, humility, gratitude, and forgiveness. You are the master of your emotions. Your inner positivity is in your hands. You need to feel your inner pulse, and you need to take those correct actions to maintain your upbeat, and positive tempo. When you are in touch with your internal message, you will be sensitive to your external message. Both go hand in hand. An emotion is a message.