There are 2 types of talk - the 1st is artificial talk, the 2nd is heartful talk. Artificial talk is vain, it is to show off. Often, words are used to merely fill the silence. Artificial talk lacks a heart. Because it's intention is not to connect. Instead, it is a show off of knowledge, or simply good oral skills. Artificial talk is not personal. Because you don't talk about the other person, you talk of politics, sports, etc. You seem engrossed in something external, that the importance of the person in front of you is diminished. This impersonal talk is artificial talk.

The volume in an artificial talk is generally loud, the intimacy is missing. You can't feel the soul. You merely hear words, and these words feel inhuman. It's like a statute speaking. An artificial talk is a bit like party talk - loud, boastful, and energy draining.

Have you heard someone trying to talk to you softly, gently ? This person is trying to talk to your heart. To do this, he needs to become weak. He has to appear mild, soft, and gentle. It is only when he is at his weakest point, he appears egoless, he is at his softest, it is at this point he will in fact be at his greatest strength. Because only in this state of utter mildness will he be able to connect to your soul. This is the state of the natural talk of your soul.

Artificial talk needs to defend its ego. Hence, it avoids gentleness, intimacy. It recognises it's human weakness. It knows it fails to connect. So, it assumes the mask of artificial strength to defend its natural weakness. Artificial talk appears behaviourally strong. It is louder in volume, colder in its emotions, impersonal in its content. These are its 3 weaknesses. To protect these weaknesses, artificial talk becomes strong.

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