When words are spoken, they are merely heard. Words are simply listened to. There is something more important and powerful than your words. That is your attitude.

Attitude is tough to define. It is the sum total of your personality, the aura you exude, the positivity you bring in.

The 4 greatest qualities which people will get attracted to you are :

* Happiness - you exude happiness, and your very presence gives joy to others

* Humility - because of your humility people feel comfortable being with you

* Helpfulness - you are there to lend a helping hand and solve the pain, and problems of people

* Hope - you are positive, and give hope to people around

The above 4 H's when present in you can be felt by people around. It is called your attitude. It can be felt. It is the strongest glue of relationships. You can bind people with your attitude. Because attitude will determine your latitude in the hearts of men.

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