Energy attracts. It is totally natural. Energy is life, it is the food of the spirit. We say the spirit is alive when we see energy. People are drawn towards a lively person. Because without him there is dullness, boredom. An effervescent person is like a water sprayer which gives life to all the plants around. Energy is a life giver. More importantly, energy is a source of inspiration. We follow our inspiration like how we are pulled towards a magnet. Inspiration is always from our heart. In life, we follow our hearts. We follow our inspiration. We follow where we see life, where we see positivity, where we see energy.

Energy works 2 ways - 1 which we are pulled towards, and 1 which we pull towards ourself. In the 1st instance, we follow the inspiration, and in the 2nd case we become the inspiration.

In life, we become a close replica of what we truly admire, what we look upto. Because we closely evaluate the thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions of our role model. We dissect their every movement. We slowly learn the science of mastery of our master. We slowly grow into what was once an inspiration. We become a similar clone. We take over the role of the inspiration then. When that happens, we no more are attracted to the energy, instead we attract the energy.