Childhood is the stage of most fun. Those games, that innocence, such naughtiness - only childhood can boast of.

When we grow up, we enter the rat race. We are now rats. What a demotion !

If you want to have fun, lose your identity. You are now stuck without your pride as you are willing to lose yourself.

Children are hungry for knowledge. They talk less, question more. Be inquisitive. Let your questions be clothed with innocence.

Most children don't know fear. Because they don't fear loss. They never feel anything belongs to them. So they can lose.

Children express freely. A child never tries to hide his 1st feeling. If he feels joy, he will start jumping. There is no diplomacy. Their heart is on their sleeve. Speak through your heart.

The story of a child, is a story of a lesson for man.

Be a child.