We often say woman is the better half. Or our wife is a better a half. But woman are complete. They don't need another half to make them one. They are also the special one. The one who can make babies, and ensure the continuity of the human race. They are not a half, but complete as a whole.

Women are more soft, tender, caring. They can love deeply. The love of a mother is like none. She undergoes great hardship to protect her children. She ensures their security, and well-being. She showers on them oodles of love. If you have a mother, tell her what she means to you. Make her feel the reward of her lifetime of sacrifice. All she needs is a bit of appreciation.

Women have shone in every field. Even in fields dominated by men, women are beginning to make their mark. Women are neither weak, nor submissive. It's their natural adaptability which may give us this feeling. Were this adaptability missing many a families' harmony would be shaky ! As women adapt, humanity lives.

A woman is human. As a human, she has her weaknesses. Don't highlight these weaknesses, because you will miss the chance to enjoy her strengths.

There are those special moments which only a woman can make you feel. Moments of love, and magic. When such is her natural charm, and grace, it is not in one's self-interest to spoil this magical beauty through unrealistic demands and expectations. A woman is not a slave nor a labourer. She is your equal life partner who will stand by you in your toughest days. Every woman irrespective of the position she holds in your life deserves her dignity, respect, and attention. Only when you do so, you will be called a man worthy of strength, and character. Be a man.