In the empty sky, the white clouds were floating. They moved in the direction of the wind. Where they were pushed, there they flowed. Our minds are similar. Thoughts constantly flow in it, the direction of our thoughts is not constant, it changes. And like the movement of the clouds, the direction of our thoughts influence our actions.

When we feel happy, our thoughts direct this feeling. When we feel nervous, the fear originates in our thoughts. We are an active participant to our thoughts. It's as if we will bear the consequences of our thoughts. We are an actor, a participant. But we can decide to take a different role in the movie of our life. We can choose to be the director. The director is in control, and he controls the direction through his observation and judgement. He is a witness to all the action. In a way, he is part of it, and in a way he is a mere witness.

We can act like a director to our thoughts, not an actor. An actor merely translates his thoughts into action. A director is far more intelligent. He decides the flow, the direction of his thoughts. He decides how much importance, time and lighting he needs to give to his every scene. Only where it's critical, he highlights special importance, the rest he discards in the garbage. It's important to discard useless thoughts out of your mind, otherwise the same garbage is potentially poisonous. There are good directors and bad directors. A good director is able to give the right sensitivity to each scene. There is just the right feeling to everything. To this he first takes a step back, he stops directing, he becomes an observer, a witness. He plays each scene in his mind as a witness, neutral - without judgement. To be a good director in your life, just take a step back for sometime, and become a witness to your mind.

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