A child is immature. The opposite of mature. This brings with it it's natural innocence. Innocence is inquisitive. Because innocence has no motive. It has no goal, or mission. It exists in pure love, and joy. In this purity, it needs to know, get deeper, understand more. It starts its inquiry. This child like hunger for knowledge ensures speedy learning. Innocence learns with great speed. It is a pure receiver, without an ulterior intention. Children blessed with natural innocence learn the fastest. Be like a child.

A child lives in joy. Depression virtually does not exist in them. They are playful. They live to have fun. They don't particularly like school, because a school puts discipline in them. It restricts their freedom to play their little games. They have to get up early, and go for school everyday. Most children end up doing that. Even the drudgery of school does not depress them. Because they live in internal joy. They are self-absorbed. Adults are prone to boredom, but a child finds a clever way to beat all boredom. They are innovative, they create their own playfulness. Be like a child.

Children emit love. But as they grow a bit older some are prone to aggression. That's a byproduct of their environment and upbringing. In their natural state, they are a beauty of joyful love. They love to smile, and in return make others smile. Sometimes, they seem hungry for attention. They start showing off. It's their need of love. That's all. They seek love, they give love, they are love.

A child is innocence, joy, and love. Be like a child.

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