He had taken 3 pegs of whiskey. He suddenly started talking more. Those around felt that he was more happy, more yappy. It had lifted his spirits. Alcohol had made him artificially high. The stimulus was external.

We all seek a high. We often resort to external methods to put us on a new high. For example - intoxicants (drinks, drugs, etc). Because these sources uplift our spirits. The gloomy sadness in our minds is removed. We feel high, happy.

But there is a big danger. All such sources are addictive. Moreover, they affect the nervous system, and the body. People who don't know how to feel naturally high resort to these dangerous, and destructive techniques.

The high generated through natural means, through your own thoughts, and feelings is the sign of a true master. His source of high is internal. It comes from within. He seeks nothing from outside. He lives in the contentment of his humanity. His human relations have the magic touch. His humanity gives him his own high.

Be naturally high.

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