He was about to lose his entire business to a slice of horrible luck. His house was going to be taken over by the banks. He was an owner once, now he was a common man. The society which once looked upto him may now not give him a second glance. Can his ego handle his fall from grace ? Would he slide into a depression ? People would think he would be under stress. But the few friends who talked to him found him calm, and composed. He taught them a lesson, "be positive in distress".

Distress causes stress. But not to all. For some stress does not enter their human system. As if a protective wall is protecting him. This is the wall of fearlessness. It does not fear loss. So, it is fearless. This wall protects the person from stress. He is able to maintain his positivity. Be positive in distress.

We need to view life holistically. From a total perspective. Our lives need to be intellectually mapped in our minds as worthless, and a mere fraction. When we realize the smallness of everything, our mind suddenly finds more rest. Our ego is able to dissolve. From an individual we are able to vibrate as an universal. As an universal, positivity is natural. Be an universal, be positive in distress.