Death is a mystery. Life is what we know. The curtain on the other side of life, death, is unknown. We prefer to deal with the known. The known is our comfort zone. The unknown makes us nervous. The unknown is the cause of our fears. Our fears make us weak. We resist what we fear. We are not willing to die, we cling on to life.

Death is not dark. Death is not sadness. It's a natural progression of life. It's a journey into the universe. You may be travelling alone. But if you had felt connection with the universe in your life then your journey in the hereafter would be into a known area of comfort. It's important to feel that connection while you are alive. If you will feel connected, then you will be ready to die.

To feel connected to the universe, you will need to make connection with humanity without feeling connected to them. It's a mind game you are playing with yourself. On 1 side, you give love and help others, and on the other side you don't feel attachment. You play the game of connection, but you are actually disconnected. This disconnection, this detachment is purely for the purpose that you can feel the pulsing connection with the universe. This is one of the rules laid down by universe. The moment you start developing deep attachment for this world you will lose attachment of the universe. You can't have both. You have to pick 1. Once you pick the universe, you will then be ready to die.

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