The difference between a theatre drama and a theatre movie is obvious. The drama is real, the movie is perfect. In the drama, the flaws are more visible. In a movie, mistakes can be cleverly hidden through editing. Real talent of actors comes out in a drama. A drama is often more fun, because it is real, it is natural. Be real, not perfect.

We often feel shy of our natural personalities because we are so much in awe of others that we start to try and act like others. When we move away from our natural style, we lose our natural style, grace, and power. Have faith in yourself, just be yourself. Be real, not perfect.

Perfection is relative. What is perfect for someone maybe imperfect for someone else ! In perfection we try and be objective. In reality we are satisfied with the vague subjectivity. Reality has no answer. It is only an expression. An expression cannot be rated, because it is subjective and cannot be compared. Be free to express yourself in your real light, not worried about being judged by someone else's illusionary perfect eyes. Be real, not perfect.