Private interaction refers to our dealings with our own self and to our close ones. Public interaction refers to the dealings we have with the general public.

Privately and publicly most people have 2 faces. It’s normal, not wrong. Many people find it difficult to be as nice privately as they are in a public setting. In a public gathering, we put on our best clothing, best manners. Somehow, we can’t match up this impeccable public appearance with the same in private.

We take the people who are close to us for granted. Due to this, we are less warm, more indifferent, and more arrogant towards them. A close person often is past the barometer of judgement, hence we do not need to impress them. Hence, we take them for granted.

A man true to his values treats all people with the same love, and affection. It does not matter whether you are judging him or not, what matters to him is his humanity.

Be the same person, privately, and publicly !