Beauty is impermanent. It's so obvious. Age wrinkles our skin, reduces our hair, bends our back - our beauty is diminished. But there are 2 beauties - the 1 you see, the other you feel. The 1 you see is impermanent, the 1 you feel is potentially permanent.

People can love the heart, but only admire the body. You cannot love a body. There are no feelings. You cannot love external beauty, instead you can only appreciate it. External beauty pleases the eye. It's a pleasant, perfect sight created by God. We all appreciate it. We look longer at people who are better looking. But that's as far as we can go. We can only be attracted to it from a distance.

True beauty is internal. It's a heart which has understanding for others. It possesses love, and care. It's ready to help when needed. This beauty attracts differently than external beauty. It pulls the heart of another person towards you. Such feelings often run deep like the silent, ocean waters. So deep, they could last permanently for a lifetime. Beauty has now become permanent.

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