Being Alone

The restaurant was bustling with noise, and activity. Right in the middle of this restaurant, a middle aged man was sitting alone in a 2 seater table. But there was something very unique to this situation. All other guests in the restaurant had human company, this man had none. He was alone. All by himself. But in his aloneness, was he feeling something missing, was he feeling a vacuum, was he feeling lonely ?

In today's society most of our lives, specially in urban areas have a high degree of human interaction and intertwineness. We are constantly in social touch. And as we keep getting connected to other humans, we start getting used to human touch. For many this human closeness, becomes like their own breath. What happens when you stop breathing ? You will feel the pangs of death closing in. That's what happens to some when they lose human connectivity, this aloneness starts feeling deadly, they start choking, choking with pain of loneliness.

But it's not for all that being alone means being lonely. Some people seek their own space, they are poor at socialising, their inter-personal skills embarrass them, they prefer to be left alone and find joy in doing things by themselves. These people always envy the people who have that magic human touch. But they have no choice but to be alone more often, because in this aloneness they feel more comfortable. Too much human interaction unsettles them, unnerves them. Their aloneness gives them more peace, more creativity. Some of the greatest artists of all time have been incredibly individualistic people whose human aloofness has heightened their creativity.

So the next time you see someone sitting in the restaurant alone, don't feel sad for him that he has no one to accompany him. He could well be a genius whose individual and alone lifestyle may have given him the freedom to express his art without inhibitions. Human society restricts, puts boundaries. Art is without boundaries. When you loosen yourself from the bond of human expectations, you suddenly feel yourself breaking free. You are a bird. You are in the air. A place where other humans cannot be with you. Then, would you call this aloneness as loneliness or as freedom ?