Politics is the fodder for minds who like to live with conflict, bias, abuse, & unrest. Politics is dirty. Each political party accuses the other. The word like clean politics does not exist. The chief function in politics is to show that your work is superior to someone else. To do this, you need to put the other party down. Politics & negativity are 2 friends who never leave hands.

A politician is often desperate to hold onto power. To do this, it is less said the better for the means he often uses. In such a situation, does your soul need to surrender to such people ? The value of the soul is often determined by the quality of people whom it accepts as their guru, or mentor. Make sure they meet the highest standards of humanity, & morality.

When you submit yourself to people without values, you become the possible target of turbulence of your mental health. Bow only to those sublime people or else your peace of mind may get compromised.

Being apolitical leads to your peace !