Humanity cannot be celebrated on 1 day. Because humanity to us is like a religion, it is our breath. We breathe every second.

On World Humanitarian Day (19 Aug, 2017), we reaffirm a silent prayer, and commitment towards humanity. Each of us do it in different ways.

At "The World Peacekeepers Movement", an online movement of more than 2 million Peacekeepers, we relive our oath towards the 7 Peace Values.

* Gratitude - to be grateful towards all, to feel blessed

* Forgiveness - to forgive easily, relationship matters more than ego

* Love - to care, share, and feel the pain, and joy of others

* Humility - to avoid ego, be simple, modest

* Giving - to help

* Patience - to be calm in troubles, and solve them

* Truth - to speak the truth, and be true to oneself

The 7 Peace Values are the path to being human. Being human is an investment towards your inner peace.

Wish you Happy Humanitarian Day (19 Aug, 2017) !