Traffic nowadays is the best excuse when you show up late for an appointment. It is the best because you shift blame from yourself to an external factor. Now you don’t need to apologise more profusely. However, a man with self respect ensures he does not even need to give an excuse.

7 steps to beat getting embarrassed are :

# plan your appointments in such a way that it gives room for delay of the other person as well as traffic

# measure timings of your appointments through GPS & keep safety margin

# choose GPS route with minimum traffic route

# arrive minimum 15 minutes early for every appointment

# give reminder to the person you are planning to meet

# use multiple channels of communication to change appointment, also avoid changing at last minute

# before you sleep, check all your next day’s appointments

Above are 7 steps when planning travel through the car or taxi route. However, similar planning needs to be adhered to when using other modes of public transport like bus, train, boat, etc.

Your punctuality protects your self respect. Be on time.

Blaming traffic in the GPS age is only an excuse !

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