Borrowed Time

What we don't have and want, we may borrow. But when you own something, you don't need to borrow.

In humanity, we are a single unit. But the question is, do we own our singularity ? Or is it bestowed on us ? If yes, we are not an owner, but a simple borrower.

The truth is we are master of no creation, we are only master of our actions. We have freedom of choice, the freedom of virtue and its opposite, but still we cannot create. We have been lent the grace of the time of life by the superpower, and we are a humble borrower of this divine lender.

Our life is borrowed. And our time is borrowed too. As the seconds tick, the loan of amount of time reduces. Our borrowing reduces. This time is not ours. It's a karmic borrowing. Borrowed from karma, but played by us. We play the game of karma, and time is the final referee. Time will role out our future karma, but that too will be borrowed.

We are not masters, we are borrowers. As a borrower, our gratefulness to our lender is eternal. We must remain humble and subservient. And the freedom we have been given to use this borrowing, must have the weight of responsibility. The only way we pay back this borrowing is through virtue. When the strokes of virtue are played in the playground of time, we neutralise our borrowing and enter into eternal timelessness.

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