Through a strong resume, we can build a life. Is it ? We build a strong resume through good education, good jobs, good experience, good skills, and good salaries. Through this, our resume appears strong. It is the foundation of getting success in life. But let's ask ourself 1 question - is a strong resume a strong life ? Or are they different ?

A resume only measures your career. Nothing else. It can't measure your family, your values, and your relationships. A resume is an incomplete picture of your life. It's not a complete view. A resume misses out your humanity. Hence, a resume cannot build your life. Because a life is about your happiness. A life is about your feelings, about your relationships. Resume cannot capture the above.

Human life is far more than a resume. Great resumes don't mean great lives. You may be singing on the road to success, but the road to happiness is different. It's not the same. Resumes measure external success, lives measure internal success. A good life is built on your inner peace - how happy you feel within yourself. There is a different direction of effort needed to build a resume and to build a life. You can work towards both. But often to achieve excellence in 1, you may need to sacrifice your efforts towards the other. So, if you choose that you want to build a life, you may find that the resume may get built up automatically. But it does not work the other way round. The choice is obvious - build a resume or a life ?

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