Great communicators deliver great messages. Message is the goal. The end result of the point you want to put across. Poor communicators do the opposite. Their story is long, but the message still not clear. Clarity is an important key to communication. Because communication is a message.

The message of communication could either be intellectual or emotional. It's effectiveness is determined on the technique, and skills used to convey it. There are some who excel in oral communication, and others in written. The rest admire the messaging done by the above.

Communication can be loud, or soft - it does not matter. Each form merits a different platform. If you give a very soft spoken speech to a large audience, they may think you lack passion. And if you speak loudly to your lover, you are increasing the distance of intimacy between the 2 of you. You must know which platform you are standing so that you can deliver the right tone of message.

Communication needs precision. The audience has limited patience, and attention span. You need to convey the point not necessarily in the fastest time, because that may mess it up, but in a manner in which you don't lose the interest of the listeners. To be concise, is good communication.

Communication without a soul is robotic. You don't feel the spirit, the pulse. You feel something missing. Even if the content is good, but the human touch missing, the message goes missing. Communication delivers the strongest message when clothed with soulfulness.

There are 4 C's of Communication - Connect, Clarity, Concise, and Care. Keeping these in mind, and learning the skill to use them effectively, communication becomes a powerful message.

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