Competing Love

They were the best of friends. But something strange happened. Their friendship was turning into a competition. Their long standing friendship was at stake. 15 years of such closeness was being threatened by a competition. They were competing for the love of the same woman.

It's a deadly competition. It tests the essence of friendship. Is friendship greater or is love greater ? What should be attained, what should be sacrificed ? The world has millions of woman, still both the friends are going for the very same woman. What a holy mess !

Many a deep friendship, many a deep relationship have been destroyed in the name of love. Isn't your friendship also a deep love ? Why should that have less value than a woman ?

My romantics, I wish to convey some messages to you. Love is never a competition. When you start competing with someone for a place in the heart in place of someone else, your love becomes a competition. Your love becomes jealous. Your love wants to own, and possess. How weak and insecure is this love ? It's so fearful of losing its beloved. This is not love at all, you are building an illusionary castle around your ego.

True love is free. Like a free bird in the sky, with no destination. How vast are the skies to fly ! There is so much space, so much freedom. That's the way true love is. It is free, it is universal, it has no master - no slave, it lives only in the moment, it has no history, it has no future, it is celebrated every moment. The love lived this way is called bliss. When love becomes bliss, the whole universe becomes your lover. Because the universe is a giver, not a receiver. And you behave like that. You become the universal giver. Your love knows no distinction, no bias. It gives to all. It brings joy, care, compassion, and affection to all. It's free, without boundaries. It can transcend even the universe. It's pure. Without expectation. It's joy limitless.

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