There was an intense business negotiation going on. Both sides desperately wanted to crack the deal with each other, but both wanted it on their own terms. The negotiation was somewhat brutal, inhuman with the pretence of walking away from the deal being resorted to by 1 side. The delegation on the other side was led by a man hungry for business success, but his hunger seemed so quiet externally. He hardly spoke, was gentle, was silently confident. He was confident. But his confidence did not reflect in words, in fact his confidence reflected best in his reflectiveness and silence. He was secure because he was willing to lose the game. He had hunger, but his hunger had security. He had hunger to win, and security to lose. It was a lethal combination. It reflected in his confidence. His confidence, hence, was understated.

Real confidence is always understated. Because it is secure. It does not need to brag about its achievements. It is secure where it rests, and humble enough to realize that the very achievements which the external world look up to have in fact been greatly helped with the sprinkling generosity of fate. He may sometimes have missed the luck of a charming lady, but in the broad scheme lady luck shone on him. His internal intelligence assessed this situation. He realised it is less about his skills, his competence, and more about the smiling shine of his destiny. So he did not have to show off his success to the world. There is nothing to boast about your luck. Because luck never belonged to you, but was gifted to you. As you lead your life, you feel the effect of this good luck. You no more need to impress others about yourself, because the truth only you know. You are happy at your success. You feel confident, and know that it's the goodness of your past values and actions which has led to it. Such confidence recognizes its humanity. It loses its speech. This confidence is understated.

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