We all go through anxiety at sometime or the other. It is normal. The causes of anxiety could be many - health, money, relationships, social status, etc. But all anxiety has 1 root cause - CONTROL.

To tackle anxiety, we need to go to the root. We need to understand and evaluate the reasons why we have a need to control.

We want to control our health. Because we are afraid of diseases and how they may cripple us, and most importantly of death. It's normal to be anxious. But sometimes we must let go and be willing to lose.

We want to control our finances. We are worried how we will pay our bills. We fear becoming beggars. We fear poverty. We fear financial loss. The only way to tackle this is to remember that we came in this world empty handed, and will go back empty handed - then why try and hold on to something so dearly ?

We want to control our relationships. Often we place difficult demands in our relationships which pushes them to the edge. We need to give space, and be more giving in our dealings with people. We must be willing to lose some relationships if they are unfair, and exploitative without feeling deep hurt and going into revenge mode. Just let go. All people are not worth it.

We want to control our social status. We want people to constantly speak good about us. We fear negative talk about us. Don't hold this fear, if your conscience is clean. Every bark is not worth listening to.

Anxiety in extreme cases destroys our inner peace completely. You must be your own doctor. Don't rely on pills, instead sharpen your mental skills.

Control anxiety, give up control.