Creativity is needed for innovation, growth, & success. Man’s civilization has progressed due to creativity. Creativity stands on 4 pillars - patience, focus, perseverance, & energy. Let’s discuss them 1 by 1.

The 1st is patience. To do something new, you need to be calm, & relaxed. You need to have patience to run a long race & be prepared for failures along the way. Often, through patience you learn how to succeed by knowing what not to do.

The 2nd pillar is focus. Through focus we conserve our energies in the right direction. Scattered efforts often lose their power as they don’t have depth or excellence. Focus often leads to innovation.

The 3rd pillar is perseverance. A hole is drilled by many knocks. Only when you are willing to try again & again, then you finally come up with something creative. Creativity can’t be expected if you put only half an intensity attempt & give up.

The last pillar of creativity is energy. Through your internal energy you get the power to implement the 1st 3 pillars. Without energy, the spirit & life to create is amiss.

Creativity is important in every field. Through it you can get the 1st mover advantage which could be monetized in a big way. Creativity makes you stand out from the crowd. Creative people have higher recall value. Also, you get greater internal satisfaction when create something new. You can either create or watch someone else do it.

Creativity is the brainchild of patience, focus, perseverance, & energy!

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