Crystal Gazing Into The Future

The family had taken their 11 year old son with them to an astrologer. They were worried about the future of the child. They wanted to make sure they got the best outcomes for their beloved son. They believed an astrologer could predict his strengths, weaknesses and thus give proper life counselling. The soothsayer looked into a crystal. He calculated the birth charts. Did some numerology. And topped it up with palmistry. This astrologer was like an all-rounder, he could bat, bowl, and field. He then gave some predictions, he ensured extra positivity in all his predictions. He pointed to certain future pitfalls. And also certain bad times. At the end of his reading, the parents paid a handsome fee, and felt their child's future was in safer, known hands.

The traditions of astrology is deep rooted in Hinduism. It also has strong leanings in the Ismaili tradition in Islam in the middle ages. I have not studied which other religions it could be part of, and admit my ignorance. I respect all religions and never would like to hurt any sentiment or denounce any religion. My this article aims to make a link between astrology and the human mind and should be viewed purely as such. It is not linked to religion.

Astrology aims to predict the future. The future is uncertain for all of us, in this uncertainty there can only be 2 ways of looking at it - embrace with acceptance, or become fearful. Most of us have deep fear of the future. Fear about our death, health, wealth, career, social status, relationships, etc. This fear paralyses our actions, our freedom, our innocence. We feel caged. Our every expression becomes measured. We need a crutch which can show our future to us with positivity. Most astrologers do this beautifully. How much an astrologer they are, or a psychotherapist they are, only they know better ! The seeds of the need of astrology are rooted in the fear of the future of the human mind.

Do stars create our destiny ? Or is it our actions ? Most human beings accept that actions of today shape the destiny of future. If action drives karma, how can stars drive it ? Karma can't have 2 masters - actions, and stars. I have planted this doubt in your mind. The science of the stars can never be fully proven, because no astrologer has yet to be born who has predicted everything. If our entire destiny was written by our birth charts, then does it mean our good karma in life which was not pre-destined but determined by our own free will not have any role ? I believe in my actions, that's the only thing I can control. The stars are too far for me to even look at, keep aside understanding their movements and their influence on me. When I lose the fear of the future by enjoying the virtues of my action, I revel in my self and feel assured within. The future is irrelevant because I have the mental flexibility to accept it's any form. So, the next time I attempt to crystal gaze into the future, I will lose the objective of trying to see my future. Instead I will marvel at the royal beauty of the crystal in front of me. That alone is enough.