Death is only a comma, not a full stop. Between the comma and the continuation of the sentence is a curtain. One can't see the other side from our side. From our world we cannot see the other world. The other world is the world of spirits. It's unseen. It's hidden. In this lies the mystery, as well as a fear. The fear of the unknown.

The unknown is referred as such as there exists theories to explain it. These theories are beliefs for many. But a belief which has its foundation on theory, and not practical experience has inherent weakness. The strength of the theory, or belief is not so important. What matters is one's internal conviction at one's values, direction, and actions in life. The fear of the unknown future will not be lived in daily life then. Because then life will become existential, moment to moment, living for the "now".

The peace, energy, calmness, and conviction in the present defines human happiness. For this the future becomes irrelevant. Because the future never comes. It's fear is never felt. The present becomes full and wholesome. Bliss does not become a hope, a destination. It is enjoyed in the present. It's journey is joy. Bliss is felt in depth - intellectual as well as emotional. The depth ensures full engagement in the present moment. There is no time left to worry about future dangers. Death is not to be feared then. Because life crosses from 1 side of the curtain to the other side. Life continues, physical death is only a comma.

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