Death is end of life. Life has reached its culmination. The destination has been reached. But that's not exactly the way it is. Death is simply getting off a train at a platform, changing the platform, and catching the next train. We have not reached any destination. We have simply proceeded with the journey. Death is not a destination.

Death is a mystery. It is a curtain. A curtain prevents you from looking at the other side. When you can't see the other side, we can't conclude that death is a destination. It's a mere assumption. Death may not be a destination.

Perfect justice is not delivered in the world. But the journey of the soul has perfect justice. Life represents only a segment of the soul's journey, not the totality. Hence, perfect justice is not delivered in life alone. That's why some are blind. What's their fault ? It's simply the deliverance of justice of the soul. Death will not ensure perfect justice too. Hence, the job of perfect justice will be carried forward. Obviously, death can't be a full stop. Death is not a destination.

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