Delivered Justice

He was being threatened. He was being falsely blackmailed. He was rich. The evil group had evil designs. They had nothing to lose. They were poor. And through this extortion, threat, and blackmail they hoped to be comfortable for a long time. They were hoping to scare him. They thought they put fear into him. And they defamed his noble reputation.

It was a boxing match. It seemed as if the evil group had hit the knockout punch. His supporters were tense, and worried. Their support on him was based on his humanity. But now the one they looked upto was hit hard, he was laying on the floor. It seemed a lost cause.

You may lose a match, you may be defamed, disrobed of your honour. But no one can rob you of your values, your character. The evil hands needed the hand of justice to give them a taste of their evil. Till now, it seemed justice was denied. People waited with a bated breath, they were waiting for justice to be delivered.

There are only 2 ways justice can be delivered - 1st is to take it in your hands, 2nd is to allow natural justice (karma) to prevail.

You can take justice in your hands in a very ruthless way, violence. We should avoid this. Violence is never the answer. But we can take justice in our own hands through the human mechanisms of the institutions of justice. We have the police, and judiciary. They can be used wisely to punish the guilty.

But often human systems fail due to their imperfections including corruption. Then, you can rely on God. This perfect accountant will never fail. He will deliver his justice perfectly. When you feel injustice being done, when you feel oppressed, remember your fairygod is watching. He loves you. And he will never fail you. He will ensure there is delivered justice.

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