They say depression is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain. Now there are only 2 possibilities - 1. there is a chemical imbalance in the brain or 2. there is no chemical imbalance in the brain. If it is point number 2., then there is no need to restore chemical balance because there is none. If it is point number 1., then we need to have a more detailed discussion.

The theory of chemical imbalance is one of today's sciences weakest theories. There is not a single diagnostic test to prove there is a chemical imbalance. Hence, the connection between chemicals and your mood, is at best proven merely as a theory.

Now, let us just for an assumption assume that chemical imbalance has caused your moods to go down. Then what to do ? What is the cause of this chemical imbalance ? The sadness chemicals take a larger role in your mind based on your thoughts. Negative thoughts lead to more of these sad chemicals.

So, from our 2 theories - the 1st which rubbishes the theory of chemicals, and the 2nd which finally says that chemical composition has its origin in thoughts, our conclusion is that chemicals are not the root cause of depression, it is our thoughts.

When we take psychiatric medicines to treat medicines, we are saying that a chemical will make us happy. We have now become a servant. We are not willing to go through mental self-examination, and psychological counselling to improve our case.

There is nothing like a happy chemical. It's not been invented. It is a myth.

The 7 main causes of depression are :

* lack of faith, self-confidence

* social isolation

* selfishness

* deep attachments

* indifference, lack of love

* negativity - not willing to solve problems

* fear of loss

These 7 causes need to be addressed at a mental level. Simple practise of human levels solves most of mental problems. Human values ensures your relationships are well oiled and lubricated. Don't put your faith in chemicals. Put your faith in yourself.