It's normal to have a desire. It gives us a will to live. But sometimes this innocent desire can turn lethal. It becomes a deep game playing with the mind. This game is testing your mental equilibrium. This desire has now turned into an obsession. You have crossed the limit of safety, now you are in the wild jungle. You can fall a prey to this deep fixation, and attachment. It's a hunger which cannot be satisfied. You are a lame deer, your mind is waiting to eat you alive. Obsession is dangerous.

Desires should be normal, playful, and not come with deep attachment. Our desires should not be linked with our ego. We should be willing to lose our objects of desire without deep pain. On 1 side there is a desire, on the other side there is relaxed detachment. This is healthy, and manageable at an emotional level.

Sometimes, we are not able to guide our emotions. We suddenly become subservient to them. The emotions rule us. We are in the deep, rough oceans of our emotions. We are unable to control their direction. Our desires which come from our emotional state suddenly become tough to control. They are too deep, with deep insecurities. The insecurity, and fear if we lose the object of desire. Now, we have become very weak. We are governed by fear of loss. Our deep desires or obsessions give us anxiety, and sleepless nights. We are not willing to let go. We can't afford to lose our obsessions. In return, we are the losers. Desire is normal, obsession is not.