We fear devils. Because they can destroy us. The greatest devils are not external. They are not some enemy of yours. Those are small devils. The greatest devils are internal. Destroy the devil within.

Your thoughts can take you to intellectual climax of heaven. It is those same thoughts that can drive you to suicide. The mind is a mere residence to your thoughts. The mind can't direct by itself. But the thoughts can direct the mind. And you are the director of your movie. You can choose the storyline of your thoughts. You could choose devils as your main characters and make a very sad movie. Destroy the devil within.

Ego tells you to put your chin up, and not allow anyone to hurt your identity. Ego is always restless because it gets hurt and takes revenge. Ego is lack of peace. Destroy the devil within.

Sometimes, we feel jealous either of the achievements or the personality of someone else. Jealousy eats you up internally because we are unable to accept our inferiority. We feel disturbed. Destroy the devil within.

Greed makes you an animal. You forget humanity, you prey upon money like a wild animal. Honesty loses meaning. You will speak lies to get money at any cost. Destroy the devil within.

Ego, Jealousy, and Greed are life's 3 biggest devils. They reside in your thoughts, and emotions. Destroy the devil within.