Words once spoken cannot be taken back. Your authorship, and intent is marked in them. Human beings have deep emotions, with deep sensitivity. On 1 side, they wish not to get hurt, but on the other side they are insensitive to those who don't matter to them. A wise man once said that a man is measured by the way he treats those below him in power, and status. We are careless and often hurt those people below us. It all comes back. It's simple karma. That hurt will come back in some other form. This lack of sensitivity comes from 1 missing quality - discretion. Saying and talking our minds frankly is considered a good quality. Guess it has never measured how many delicate hearts it has broken. Discretion is wisdom. Outspokenness shows lack of control. Discretion is the greater part of valor.

A discrete man respects the other person. He is the safe custodian of secrets. He is calm, controlled. He does not speak to shock. He gauges the emotional pulse. To be sensitive at an emotional level is very important to him. Hence, he is easily trusted. He is not a loose mouth, loose canon. He speaks less, measures his words, and is accurate in what he reports. This basic quality he acquired from his internal humaneness. Discretion is part of the human value system which exists within him. It is part of the same package. Discretion is only 1 of its fruits.

Very often, we are tempted to reveal something. We want to expose the other person, show his weakness. Even if this person is not your enemy you still feel like doing it. This is the ego war going on in your mind with that person. By putting him down, you rise. Your ego is fed with butter. Your status remains intact. In reality, this is a self-illusion. When you put someone down, you can be dead sure that your image has also taken a beating. The one who tries to destroy the other through gossip falls down together. The one at the mercy of his tongue will never receive true respect in the eyes of others. Discretion is the greater part of valor.