He was sitting in his comfortable car. A beggar with torn clothes and with his dirty hands knocked on the window for alms. He opened the window, took out some money, and handed it to the beggar, with a slight bow in his head, and a smile on his face. He wanted to make sure that the beggar did not feel an obligation accepting the money by giving him respect. Do not judge a man by his clothes.

She was dressed in rich clothing. She was the wife of a billionaire. Whenever someone came to talk to her, she would put her chin up and talk with an air of arrogance. Her wealth in the bank could not be seen in the heart. Do not judge a man by his clothes.

It matters not what you wear on your body, but what you wear on your heart. A heart clothed with love, joy, positivity, helpfulness, humility, gratitude, and forgiveness is the richest clothing you can wear. It will then not matter what you wear on your body. Because your heart will reflect in beauty with its transparency. Do not judge a man by his clothes.

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