A gift is an act of love. It's natural. Love is natural. It can't be forced. There can be nothing like forced love. So, a gift is a natural act of love. It is given by 1 lover to the other. Lover refers to love in any form. So, you can't ask for a gift. Because then it becomes forced. It loses its purity. A gift cannot be asked for, but if you have a need from your beloved, it can be asked. A gift is different from a need.

When people are very close to us, it is natural to ask for favours. It is quite common to even ask for gifts. But everytime you ask for a gift, you reduce the pure non-material nature of the relationship. Now, there is a material exchange. Is this going to be important in the context of the relationship ? One can never tell. Is the relationship going to be defined by money or love ? Or is love going to be given in exchange of money ? There is a thin dividing line between the 2. There is no right answer.

The one who puts money as a barter for love is not worth the money. Because relationships cannot have money as their glue. They can only have love, care, and affection.

Every gift has a message. The message could be love, gratitude, or help. It's a message sent by the giver. It can't be asked to be conveyed through pressure. Asking for gifts is to lower your self-respect. We all have needs. It should be spread out only to those you have surrendered fully to. Your loyalty to that person must be complete. Otherwise your self-respect is too precious to be sacrificed. Don't ask for gifts.

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