I rose to little fame, had few achievements. Suddenly, I observed some of the same people who loved me were a bit jealous of me. When I was equal in name, fame it was fine, but when I rose a notch higher, they felt jealous. It's as if they felt defeated in the rat race.

If you run the rat race, jealousy is normal. Run the heart race. It's a competition for love, not power or position. In the heart race, all hearts running don't compete for supremacy. They compete to enjoy the joy of love. There is no competition.

Jealousy is like a fire within your soul. It burns your soul. The virtues in your soul get burnt by the fire of jealousy burning.

You can avoid jealousy by genuinely admiring goodness, and achievements of others. When you appreciate, jealousy gets destroyed.

You can't hate me for my looks. You can't hate me for my wealth. You can't hate me for my fame. You can't hate me for my status. You can't hate me for my popularity. This all belongs to me. It's not yours. Don't be jealous of me.

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